Camilo Ernesto Echeverri García


Biologist from the University of Quindío and bird watching guide. Since he began his biology career in 2012, Camilo has spent hundreds of hours working in the field, especially in aquatic ecosystems, where he has been bitten by countless mosquitoes, involuntarily drunk waters of dubious origin and has led several pseudocientific expeditions to the La Vieja River, becoming over the years a great expert on these ecosystems. As a researcher, he has worked with various biological groups such as arthropods (bugs), mammals (furry animals) and especially fish (only because they can be eaten). He is interested in rescuing traditions associated with Colombian agriculture, which is why he is a seed custodian, or so he says, conserving more than 200 varieties of useful plants. His eagerness to learn new subjects or his quick boredom capacity led him to become interested recently in orchids, a group from which he is learning strongly.

Nicolás Giraldo Echeverry


Ecologist from the Universidad Javeriana and bird watching guide. He has participated in multiple expeditions to little studied places in deep Colombia, where a collection of photos of him sleeping in inopportune moments has been made. He began his path as a researcher working with Oilbirds (strange nocturnal birds) in 2014, and since then he has been interested in herpetos (frogs, toads, snakes, lizards and all these cold things that jump or crawl), with which he worked almost his entire bachelor; he has also worked with mammals (furry animals), socioecology (people and forests trying to be friends), and birds (you already know what a bird is). Besides, Nicolás is the author of an appendix in the last printing of the book “A Guide to the Birds of Colombia” (Hilty & Brown 1986), although his main skill as an ornithologist is to make weird noises trying to imitate birds, almost never successfully. His main interest is biodiversity conservation, which he considers can only be achieved by working hand in hand with communities. He is a nature photographer and was national climbing champion between 2012 and 2015, passions that are mixed by climbing where necessary to take the best picture, even if it means using Camilo as a ladder.