We offer unique and personalized tours that give you real life interactions with local culture and nature. By choosing us, you will interact with exotic birds in one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet. Your tour will be rooted with local communities. You will be guided by environmental professionals, biologists, ecologist, and other qualified bird experts. Therefore, your tour with us will be an experience to remember.

Our Experiences


If you are in Quindío for a short time, and you want to get the most out of the
Coffee Region, our day tour is a perfect fit. Our day tour consists of watching
dozens of birds, learning about tropical ecosystems, and about the history of
Colombia´s fine coffee.

Our Experiences


Whether you are learning about our local traditions in the Coffee Region or spotting
the most beautiful birds in our breath taking forests, our tour(s) are an experience
you certainly will never forget. If you are searching for cultural immersion,
birdwatching, or the perfect combination between culture and nature, we have
tour(s)that satisfy your needs. Tour(s) range from three days, to a whole week
between the central and western mountain ranges of Colombia.