With a large number of thermal floors, coffee farms, multiple natural reserves, traditional architecture, excellent hotels, very friendly people and the best road infrastructure in Colombia, the department of Quindío is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for tourism in Colombia. With only 0.16% of the Colombian territory, Quindío is home to an impressive diversity of natural and cultural treasures. From the paramo ecosystems at nearly 4000m above sea level in the highlands of the Andes where cattle ranching predominates, to the lowland wetlands at 1000m above sea level in the plains of the Cauca river valley where sugar cane, pineapple and banana are found, passing through the imposing montane forests, which are mixed with specialty coffee crops.

In Quindío we have activities of interest to almost anyone and is the ideal place to achieve a true immersion in Colombian culture and nature, without sacrificing the comfort of a good hotel and a dinner with wine. Some of these activities are:


With almost 30% of all species in Colombia (around 600) Quindío is an ideal destination to see some of the most beautiful birds, with opportunity for the most experienced birdwatchers and for those who would like a first experience seeking for birds. Places like Barbas Bremen, Cocora Valley, El cañón del Río Roble, El valle de Maravelez, Camino Nacional, among many others, offer birdwatchers and photographers endless opportunities. For this, we strongly recommend hiring a local bird watching company, who know perfectly the species of the region and know how to make the most of your visit to the coffee region.

Coffee Tour

Quindío has an immense offer of tours through the coffee culture, dozens of farms will offer you an immersion in the production of Colombia’s flagship product. In some farms you will have a premium tasting experience with expert baristas, while in others it will be the farm owner who will show you the whole process. On some farms you will be able to experience the work of a coffee harvester, while on others the emphasis will be on the drying process. In our humble opinion, one of the best coffee tours is El Recuerdo farm in Salento, a coffee farm whose production model greatly contributes to solving the world’s environmental problems. On this tour, Don Carlos (the owner of the farm) will show you how a well-managed coffee crop can be profitable and at the same time contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, water and soils. Aside from the coffee tours, you can also live an incredible experience by having a coffee prepared by professional baristas in Circasia, the town with the highest number of special coffees in Colombia and where coffee shops such as Caficultor or Katarte offer you a cup of exceptional qualities. 

Visit to Traditional Villages

Quindío is full of small villages nailed in the Andes and many of them preserve not only their traditional architecture, but also their culture and traditions. Visiting these villages is like a journey back in time in the middle of the last century. Places like Pijao, Circasia or Filandia will offer you an unforgettable experience, you will be able to taste typical food, know the colorful colonial architecture of the coffee region and enjoy special coffees.

Hiking and Trekking

Our mountains are full of trails that cross beautiful landscapes. From multiple-day tours visiting the Nevados National Park, to one-day tours in amazing natural reserves such as Cascadas de Río Verde, Peñas Blancas or Soñarte. If you visit these places accompanied by a biologist, you will also learn a lot about our ecosystems, the biodiversity of Colombia and, why not, you will be able to see some birds in the country with the greatest diversity of birds in the world.

Bicycle Tours

Although still a developing sector, some companies are offering bike tours for experts and beginners, with multiple degrees of difficulty and duration. If you are a bicycle lover and would like to enjoy the landscapes of the coffee region while pedaling, you could contact companies such as “Ruta Bicicleta Calarcá”. 

Absolute peace of mind

If you’re looking for rest and relaxation, Quindío also has what you’re looking for. Hotels like BIO HÁBITAT will allow you to live an experience of absolute comfort in the middle of nature; here, gourmet food, massages and a Jacuzzi are waiting for you right next to the forest. If, on the other hand, what you want is an experience of absolute disconnection, where you can spend a couple of days in the middle of the mountains without anyone bothering you, without wifi or responsibilities, Reserva Los Arboles is what you are looking for. 

These are just some of the things you can experience during your visit to the coffee region and we can take you to all of them with us at PENELOPE BIRDING. However, if you are looking for something different, the possibilities are countless and we will gladly help you find what you are looking for. What are you waiting for to visit Quindío, one of the best destinations in Colombia? We are waiting for you.