We show you every fiber in our country

The definition of territory is one of the most complex in the socio-environmental sciences and continues to involve many debates to date. However, at Penelope Birding we like to understand territories as canvases. Some are delicate, some resistant; some complex and colourful, others simple and monochromatic. But regardless of their characteristics, they are all made up of hundreds of fibres that are woven together to make each territory unique. 

These fibers are all we know and their interactions so far are being understood, especially in territories as immensely complex, diverse and multifaceted as Colombia. Each of these fibers plays an indispensable role. Every insect, bird or plant, every custom, farm or tool to work the field, every song and every food, every person. All the elements that coexist in a territory interact with each other to make it unique and that is why our slogan is UNWEAVING COLOMBIA. We want to show you the fibers that compose our territory and the way they are woven to make it special.

Camilo and I (Nicolás), founders and guides of Penelope Birding, were born and live in the coffee region, we know firsthand how things work here. We understand that we are part of one of the most interesting territories in Colombia and, therefore, with us you will not only meet beautiful birds and walk through incredible forests, but you will also understand the role of birds in the functioning of ecosystems. You will learn about the traditional architecture of the coffee region and how it is the result of the interaction between traditions and the availability of resources in our lands. You will understand why Colombian coffee is so special and how this relates to the geological origin of our mountains. We will unweave Colombia for you and show you its fibers, the deep and forgotten Colombia, the Colombia that few understand.